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Current exhibitions

9 January to 27 February


Swsana and the Elders

Installation and paintings by Keith Bayliss

- view -


Saturday 27 February

Gallery 2.00pm

Exhibition closes with music by
Joe Bayliss and poetry by
David Thomas



Also by Keith Bayliss, and sharing a relationship with the exhibit in the main gallery, in this room will be a constructed shrine, and a 'soundscape'.

- view -



Ink drawings by Keith Bayliss from the series ‘Wandering Souls’ accompanied by poetry by David Thomas

- view -



Assorted ceramics and jewellery by students and well-known artists

Next exhibitions

5 March to 11 April


Paintings by Sarah Lees



Paintings by Sian Jones



Details to come



Assorted ceramics and jewellery by students and well-known artists





There are normally three exhibitions each month at Oriel Q, the Queen's Hall Gallery, showing work from new and established artists.

The main exhibition is in the gallery itself. A smaller gallery, Oriel Fach, contained within the main gallery, is a showcase for sculptures, crafts, videos and installations. The road end of the gallery has recently been converted into a 3D display area. There is also an exhibition of photographs on the stairs that is changed regularly.

Gallery opening hours are Wednesday to Saturday from 10.00am to 5.00pm.

If you would like to buy some of the art currently on show, please telephone the Gallery Manager, Lynne Crompton, on 01834 869454 or email for more details. If you receive no response, please try at this address. The gallery is able to offer an interest-free monthly purchase plan to make buying pieces of art easy, and will arrange free delivery of artwork anywhere within the UK.

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Art Education Programme

Parties from schools, colleges, or any groups interested in art, are welcome to come to the gallery for bespoke sessions and workshops. Take a look at the attached Education Pack if you are interested in setting up a visit. For more details and news of previous such events, please click here.


To find out more about this artist resource facility, please go to http://wwarp.wordpress.com/about.

One-to-one sessions with Iwan Bala are being organised. Clicking here, http://wwarp.wordpress.com, will provide you with more details.


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