Current exhibitions


Oriel Fach


Sales of this annual exhibition will start at 2.00pm on ! October. Each image will cost only £5! Be there for a bargain…


Football and Music

Photographs by Chris Rees

Swansea Football Crowd 2013

- view -


Main gallery 3D area

Assorted ceramics and jewellery by students and well-known artists




Drawing Exhibition

17 September to 29 October


This is an open show with the potential for prizes. Winning entries will be judged by Keith Bayliss, and the prizes presented on Saturday 1 October at 1.30pm. First prize is £250 and the second £100. There is also a further prize of £100 for the People's Choice, which will be announced on 22 October.

This is a small selection of the images on show. You can see the fully illustrated catalogue, which includes sizes as well as prices, here.

Patricia McParlin

Memory's Scent
Sarah Hope

Chilly Morning
Jennie Moore

Pinocchio 1
Domenico Mazzilli

Hot Date
Dennis Evans

Sian Jones

Peter Spriggs

Susan Sands

Pull's Ferry
Hunter Graham

Nocturne 1
Graham Meredith