Current exhibitions


Oriel Fach

Two short animation films by Tanya Griffiths and a documentary film set in Llansteffan

Old Man 4
Tanya Griffiths


A selection of illustrations by sixth-form pupils from Sir Thomas Picton School

Theo Snipe

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Main gallery 3D area

Assorted ceramics and jewellery by students and well-known artists




Welsh Illustration and Design

23 April to 4 June


This show covers a wide range of art forms from surfboards, book illustrations and wallpaper designs, posters, cards, ceramic pieces, cushions, clothes, toys and prints. School pupils, students, and profession illustrators have contributed to this eclectic exhibition.

More details available soon.

A selection of decorated surf boards
Patrick Boothman

The Past Time of my Harmless Hours
Sally Thomas

Female 1
Holly Gooding

Good Legs
Phil Morgan

Wooden character blocks
Suzanne Carpenter

Curled Around my Pillow
Jackie Morris

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