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Oriel Fach

Also by Keith Bayliss, and sharing a relationship with the exhibit in the main gallery, in this room is a constructed shrine, and a 'soundscape'.

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Ink drawings from the series ‘Wandering Soul’ by Keith Bayliss with accompanying poems by poet David Thomas

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Main gallery 3D area

Assorted ceramics and jewellery by students and well-known artists






Keith Bayliss

9 January to 27 February

Swsana and the Elders


The exhibition is based on the story from the Bible that has been depicted by so many artists from the Renaissance up to the present day. Keith wanted to create his own version on this theme and has produced a powerful exhibition using mixed media with three dimensional figures, reliefs and paintings. In the centre of the gallery is a rectangular area demarked by painted screens. Within this area, a three-figure construction of half-life-size figures forms the main 'tableau' of Swsana and the Elders. The entrance to this enclosed area is guarded by seated figures. Around the walls are paintings and reliefs and in the smaller gallery is a shrine that echoes some of the themes but is separate with a soundscape created by his son Joe Bayliss.

The work is for sale:

Visitors (face in a box) £285 each
Winged feet £295 each
Swsana – Oil on Canvas £2,000
Swsana & the Elders (3 figures) – Mixed media £4,000

Falling Figures – Folding Screens – Medium: oil on Board:
Left-hand screen £2,000; Right-hand screen £2,000
Central screen £2,300

Small seated figures – Medium: tissue/watercolour/wood
Male £850
Female £850