Current exhibitions


Oriel Fach

Exhibition continues in here, showing photographs and prints

Fern Hill
Steve Irwin

Carole's Toes
Glenn Ibbitson

- view -



Illustrations from the book by
Glenn Ibbitson and Hiroshi Ueta

Late Spring Bamboo

- view -


Main Gallery 3D area

Assorted ceramics and jewellery by students and well-known artists






Summer Open

5 to 27 July


There are 111 pieces of work on view in the Main Gallery, Oriel Fach, the top of the stairs, and the vestibule. What a wide variety of styles there is to be enjoyed. You can bid for everything on show in the Oriel Q Friends auction which will take place at 2pm on Sunday 27 July.

There is something for everyone: paintings, prints, photographs, sculpture.

Come along and see the work for real. However, if you are not able to get to the gallery, the fully illustrated catalogue showing all the work on show, with sizes and prices, can now be viewed. If you would like to buy some art, and are unable to be at the auction, click here to make a sealed bid.

Here a just a few images, to whet your appetite.

Old Field Markings
Jane Harrison

Open Doors Bethesda, Baptist Church
Rebecca Brinton

Soul of the Apricot
Helen Gillam

Man with Camel

Mosaic I
Lesley Lanman

Things I Don’t Own – No 2
Rachel Vater

Sheep Feeding on Silage on Skyline
Peter Blincow

More from Newgale
Ruth Sargeant

Wire Strippers
Lee Phillips

Light on the Stones
Elizabeth Haines

Martin White

Maquette for Large Wave
Denys Short

Sea Urchin
Gideon Petersen