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Oriel Fach

Four films of performances of iron casting

Night-time Iron Pour



Photo-collages by Faya Lloyd and Steve Irwin

Faya Lloyd

Poem in October
Steven Irwin

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Main gallery 3D area

Assorted ceramics and jewellery by students and well-known artists




Carmarthen School of Art

6 August to 10 September

10 Years of Iron Casting


This exhibition celebrates the 10th anniversary of the introduction of Iron Casting into the Sculpture Department at Carmarthen School of Art.

The work on show includes films of performances, pictures of the processes and people involved, as well as sculptures which have been cast using the college’s furnaces. The work is made by students, lecturing staff and visiting artists, including Matthew Tomalin, Alison Lockhead, Dilys Jackson, Harvey Hood, Robert Harding, Catherine Fairgrieve and Andy Griffiths.

Carmarthen remains the only college in the UK to offer iron casting on its syllabus using furnaces made by students and staff in the college.

Current staff, students and alumni of the Sculpture Department have been invited to pour iron at various international events over the past ten years, in places as diverse as Latvia, Poland, New Mexico, Alabama, New York and Southern Ireland, and the pieces shown demonstrate the diversity of iron as a sculptural medium.

The gallery has benefited from a close relationship with Carmarthen School of Art and we are delighted to bring to the public’s attention the exciting work that is being created in this small excellent college in rural Wales. The exhibition is curated by Andy Griffiths, the Head of Sculpture.

Andy Griffith

Terraces 1–6
Ashleigh Harold

Iron Ribs
Alison Lockhead

Enamel and iron items
Catherine Fairgrieve

15 Shears
Mared Davies

Mike Davies

Vessel – Busy Bee
Robert Harding

Bird of Prey
Lee Odishow

On wall: Bob Booth
On plinth: Robert Harding