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An exhibition of artworks all measuring 6" x 4". They will be for sale at £5 each with the proceeds being used for workshops and new equipment.



Photomontages by Faya Lloyd

Lily Pond

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Assorted ceramics and jewellery by students and well-known artists






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12 September to 18 October



Correspondences – contemporary painting in response to the life and writing of R S Thomas – was the title given to an exhibition curated by Christine Kinsey and shown at Plas Glyn Y Weddw in North Wales this January. Part of this exhibition has been amalgamated with work from artists responding to another famous poet, Dylan Thomas.

Artists involved are: Iwan Bala, Kathryn Campbell Dodd, Elizabeth Cramp, Ifor Davies, Christine Kinsey, Robert Lawton, Mary Lloyd Jones, Osi Rhys Osmond, John Selway, Denis and Eirian Short, Meriel Jane Thomas, Catrin Webster and Sarah Williams.

Both poets have been celebrated for their centenary this year, and, as writer Ceridwen Lloyd Morgan has said, “It is entirely appropriate in Wales to celebrate this with an exhibition of paintings.”

R S Thomas was often inspired by visual art, and many of his poems reflect his experience of looking at individual works. His wife, Elsie, was an accomplished artist and he learned through her the complexities and inspiration that produced paintings, in particular those by the Impressionists and Surrealists, and from those by Picasso to Paul Klee.

The work of Dylan Thomas has inspired many artists as he creates such vivid lyrical images in words. Many artists have illustrated his poetry and, especially this year, there is hardly a gallery in Wales without a painting depicting an image from his writings. The difference here is that R S Thomas hasn’t inspired artists to illustrate his work but has asked the same questions that artists sometimes struggle to answer. In this exhibition some artists use text, some have responded to a line or a feeling created by a poem and some have illustrated a scene, but, overall, there is a coming-together of that elusive thing called Art.

(Y Cyfarfyddiad / The Meeting series)
Marwnad / Elegy
Christine Kinsey

Tree absorbing the breaths
of nuns

Robert Lawton

Alltudion / Expatriates
Iwan Bala

As I Looked Out One Morning
Osi Rhys Osmond

Farmer Uta Watkins
Elizabeth Cramp

R S Thomas
Meriel Jane Thomas

A Gesture Against the Wild Winter –
My Father’s Garden

Catrin Webster

To Begin at the Beginning
Denys Short

Fern Hill
John Selway

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