Current exhibitions


Oriel Fach

Continuation of the Winter Open

Eirian Short

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Continuation of the Winter Open, mostly photographs

Broad Haven
Graham Pritchard

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Main Gallery 3D area

Assorted ceramics and jewellery by students and well-known artists






Mixed artists

25 October to 20 December

Winter Open


This is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by well-known and not so well-known artists. With more than 100 pieces of work, it is not to be missed. These are just a small selection of the artworks on show. To see them all, with prices and sizes, please take a look at the online catalogue.

Indian Garden
Diana Heeks

J. and Magnolia
Denis Curry

The Owl Service – Blodeuwedd
Dorry Spikes

Palimpsest Landscape II
Roy Ayres

S.T. 10
Martin White

Journey to Tibet
Helen Gillam

After the Storm
David J Howells

Anthurium with Spadix
David Button

Precarious I
Ruth Sargeant

Machlud dros Pentwyn
Osi Rhys Osmond

Heron Flight
Andrea Kelland

Dylan Thomas
Zara Kuchi

Winter Rain
Lesley Lanman

You Were Always So Wise
Valerie Price-West

Sub Text
Gaynor McMorrin

Chin Up
Mandy Lane