Sue and Ashraf Hanna

Main Gallery

Drawings by Steve Wilson

Bird Assembly

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Oriel Fach

Function, Aesthetic and Tactility

Paintings by Diana Brook


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Photographs by Simon Davies


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Main gallery 3D area

27 October to 1 December


In this new area of the gallery, Sue and Ashraf Hanna show a collection of their ceramics. They moved to West Wales in 2000 and set up a studio in Keeston.

Born in Egypt and now resident in West Wales, Ashraf's work is concerned with achieving the balance of creating ceramics which are inextricably linked to the forms and techniques of the ancient world yet utterly contemporary in their personality. He says, ‘I am always excited by the prospects of the interaction between the precision of my designs and the spontaneity of the fire.’

The technique of burnished smoke-fired ceramics poses many challenges: it is seemingly simple yet one that is quite laborious and often fraught with difficulties. One can never take the results for granted since a successful piece is essentially the result of a collaboration between design and chance, precision and spontaneity, artist and elements – for it is the flames which ultimately breath life into the work.

Sue’s work is a meditation on humanity – life drawing encourages close observation of the human form. ‘I am inspired by tribal art, which has developed an appreciation of the power of simplicity.’ Recent work is concerned with exploring the figure in the abstract and a series of wall panels inspired by the geometric symbols and the rhythmic designs from the textiles of the Kuba people of the Congo.

‘Sue Hanna's striking black-and-white “mask” heads refer to both the primitive and the sophisticated. They are responses to the expression of self-awareness found universally throughout all cultures.’
Tim Andrews, Raku, second edition

These are beautiful objects from two acclaimed artists who have won numerous awards and exhibited widely. It is a pleasure to show their work alongside Steve Wilson’s superb drawings and Diana’s intimate paintings.

Contact Lynne Crompton, the Gallery Manager, if you are interested in buying any of the pieces. Prices on request. All work may be purchased on an interest free scheme.

The orange colour is a local Pembrokeshire clay.


To find out more about these two artists, take a look at Sue’s exhibition history, and Ashraf's CV.

They can be contacted on suehanna@btinternet.com.