Jan Lewin-Cadogan

Main Gallery

Paintings by Ben Lloyd



Photographs by Mike Taylor


Oriel Fach

11 June to 10 July


My influences and inspiration develop from my observation of the natural world. Through experimentation, I make comparisons of patterns and surfaces, enabling me to combine my ideas and nature as one. The originality of my work all comes together within the creative process.

In the current exhibition, you will find my interpretation of microscopic seeds. Using them as my starting point, I have created forms that do not exist in the natural world, only in my ceramics. These curious and whimsical realities developed organically and intuitively as I worked, and it was a delight to watch them grow: each suggesting the beauty, intricacy and mystery of the world around us.

The pieces are hand-built using a white stoneware clay, engobes, stains and oxides.



Jan Lewin-Cadogan is a ceramic artist who lives and works in one of the beautiful valleys of west Wales.
Jan studied Ceramics/Fine Art at the West Wales School of the Arts in Carmarthenshire, gaining a first-class honours degree. Her work has since featured in exhibitions throughout Wales and England, including Art in Woodstock, 2008, where Jan won first prize in the Illumination competition. She is represented by galleries throughout the United Kingdom, and her ceramics are now enjoyed in numerous private collections, both in the UK and in continental Europe.
Jan is best known for her delicate porcelain work and sculptural forms, inspired by the natural world. Her latest pieces are attracting significant attention: the forms she has created, reflecting minute and intimate details of nature that are invisible to the naked eye, come alive in unexpected and exuberant ways.