Dalit Leon

Oriel Fach

Etchings and drawings by Dalit Leon


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Photographs by Grainne Connolly

and Jude Western

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23 February to 6 April
Echoes, Rhythms and Deep Flows

Oriel Q, Narberth is proud to present the first ever solo exhibition by Israeli-born, Wales-based artist, Dalit Leon.

Leon’s practice centres on painting, drawing and etching. Process led, it is engaged with creating spaces and finding depths within and beyond the two-dimensionality of the surface. For the artist, the unveiling of this illusory space is a place of meditation and revelation.

The natural world, and a spiritual essence thereof, are at the core of Leon’s personal and creative drive. This issue is all the more urgent as technology and mass consumption are rapidly obliteratin, not only much of Earth’s resources and working order but also our sense of humanity in relation to, and as part of, nature.

'Painting to me is a place where non-material reality precipitates as image and becomes tangible. I consider my work both in process and in the final form, to be types of pathways between the visible and invisible, the solid and the fluid, between internal and external realities.

Essential aspects that inform and are embodied in my work are notions of infinity, processes of transformation and a state of oneness – a seeking of equilibrium within a state of polarity and flux.'
Dalit Leon, 2013

Dalit graduated from Swansea Metropolitan University in 2010 which was followed by a year-long residency at the University within the printmaking and fine art department and is currently studying painting at the Royal College of Art, London. Recent previous exhibitions include Parralex AF, London in 2011, Paradise, RCA in Milan, 2012 and BEEP:Wales International Painting Prize, Swansea in 2012.


All the paintings are oil on canvas.

(Measurements = height x width cm)

1 Tempest
154.5 x 180

2 Earthful
150 x 120

3 Fall
154 x 185.5

4 Sunrise Closure
140 x 120

5 Providence
159 x 120

6 Inside Time
140 x 120

7 Echoes, Rhythms and Deep Flows I
150 x 130

8 Echoes, Rhythms and
Deep Flows I
150 x 130

9 Heart
154 x 185


Contact: www.dalitleon.com